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Study on the relationship between serum iodine and iodine nutritional status and thyroid function in children and pregnant women

Publisher: Time:2024/05/30 17:29:4 Pageviews:74

Serum iodine is associated with urinary iodine and thyroid function, so it may be a comprehensive indicator of iodine nutritional status and thyroid function. According to studies, the serum iodine concentration of pregnant women, a special population, can reflect a number of indicators such as thyroid function during pregnancy, which is crucial to pregnancy health.


The serum iodine concentration decreased with the increase of gestational week, and it also affected the BMI and thyroid function of pregnant women. Regular blood iodine testing during early, middle and late pregnancy can effectively prevent the risk of thyroid disease. The concentration of iodine in serum during pregnancy can affect TSH, nervous system development and physical development of newborn. The concentration of iodine in blood and milk after delivery can affect the nutritional status of iodine in offspring. In order to protect the thyroid health of pregnant women and the development of the fetal nervous system, blood iodine testing must be arranged during pregnancy.


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