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hazards of iodine deficiency

Publisher: Time:2024/04/18 15:08:5 Pageviews:108

There are many hazards of iodine deficiency. In addition to thyroid diseases, the health of pregnant women and fetuses is most affected by iodine deficiency, which directly affects the intellectual development of fetuses.

Pregnant and postpartum women are the most susceptible group to the impact of iodine deficiency. Iodine provides important raw materials for fetal development, silently supporting the fetus from the nervous system to physical development. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy without obvious symptoms can cause irreversible damage to the fetus. Regular iodine testing is essential for pregnant women, especially during the early stages of fetal nervous system development. If iodine deficiency occurs at this time, it can affect the baby's intellectual development. It is recommended that pregnant women regularly monitor their iodine nutrition levels.


Previously, the detection of human iodine nutritional levels was carried out through urine iodine, but urine iodine detection also has certain limitations and may be affected by factors such as diet and water consumption before testing, resulting in biased test results. Blood iodine testing has always been the gold standard for iodine testing, relying on manual methods for testing is time-consuming and prone to errors. Seklud has developed a fully automatic blood iodine detector that can detect blood iodine, achieving automation in blood iodine detection. It provides a convenient, fast, and accurate method for monitoring iodine nutrition levels for pregnant and postpartum women, helping them maintain sufficient iodine for fetal nervous system development during the perinatal period and improve fertility quality.

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