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Skrd participates in 2021CACLP with second-generation products

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    The 18th CACLP was held in Chongqing International Expo Center from March 28 to 30, 2021. There were 1,188 exhibitors and attracted nearly 100,000 person-times of experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, manufacturing enterprises, distribution enterprises, investment banks, laboratory medicine workers and other professionals in relevant fields at home and abroad to the exhibition.



                                                                                         Opening Ceremony of CACLP 

    China International Laboratory Medicine & Blood Transfusion Instruments & Reagents Expo (CACLP) is the flagship event of in vitro diagnostics industry, and also the best channel to understand the new trend and trend of the industry development. This exhibition is a grand meeting for all the people who care about the development and progress of the industry, but also a grand meeting for the successful people in the industry to talk about the healthy development of the industry! To show the world the "intelligent manufacturing, speed and innovation" of China's in vitro diagnostics industry.



                                                                         Skrd reception staff communicate with customers

    Skrd's debut at CACLP was themed "Iodine Measurement, Easier With One Key". In N7-T053, Skrd showed the new second-generation Automatic Iodine Detector and Urine Iodine, Water Iodine, Salt Iodine Kit, which attracted many visitors to the exhibition.

    During the 3-day Chongqing CACLP, Skrd booth was full of people, shoulder to shoulder. Reception staff with full enthusiasm and professional accomplishment, the importance of iodine testing was introduced in detail for visitors, Skrd's iodine automatic detector and iodine testing kits of related parameters and information, product advantages and broad market prospects are widely recognized and praised by visiting experts.



                                                                             Skrd reception staff introduce products to customers

    Skrd will continue to improve and innovate, improve products, and aspire to become an influential professional medical device manufacturer in China! We look forward to meeting you next time!