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The significance of blood iodine detection in patients with gastric cancer

Publisher: Time:2024/06/28 17:05:5 Pageviews:39

According to experimental studies, urinary iodine concentration and serum protein-bound iodine level in patients with gastric cancer are significantly increased, and blood iodine can be used as an early screening index for patients with gastric cancer.

In the growth and development of humans and all animals, iodine is a vital essential nutrient, which is involved in various normal metabolism and thyroid hormone synthesis in the body. A healthy human body contains about 25mg of iodine, of which a small amount is present in muscle tissue, about 20% is stored in thyroid tissue, and the remaining iodine is present in skin and bone and blood. According to the needs of the body, iodine is easily absorbed in the stomach, and about 30% of iodine enters the thyroid tissue.

Stomach cancer is the second most common cancer in the world, causing about 1 million deaths each year. Human stomach, breast and thyroid all have strong iodine absorption capacity. By studying the mechanism of inorganic iodine in the metabolism of Marine algae and animal cells, some researchers predict that iodine-absorbing cells in non-thyroid tissues may have phylogenetic and evolutionary antioxidant functions.

Although epidemiological studies have shown an inverse relationship between gastric cancer and iodine, this study is expected to identify possible associations between urinary iodine concentrations and serum protein-bound iodine levels in patients with gastric cancer, including with different advanced gastric cancer. The blood iodine concentration in patients with stage and V gastric cancer was higher than that in patients with stage I and stage , indicating that the blood iodine concentration was related to the advanced stage of gastric cancer, and the higher the advanced stage, the higher the blood iodine concentration was. According to the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Association for Cancer Research, iodine deficiency or excess in the diet can promote thyroid tumors and cancer. It has been reported that cancer patients have significantly elevated blood levels of 131I, while the thyroid's ability to take up 131I is inhibited. Because the expression of sodium-iodine isotransporters in human body is inhibited, the iodine uptake capacity of patients with advanced thyroid cancer is decreased. Inhibition of sodium iodide isotransporter expression may be one of the important factors that impair iodine concentration ability in thyroid tumors.


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