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Automatic Iodine Detector DAT20SG (CHC)(Community Clinic)

    For specific population at community clinics in county-level towns,use of 4-point calibration to test 20 sample sites.

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1. Performance Features

It is applicable to county towns, community clinics and specific population detection;

Detection range: urinary iodine 50ug/L-1200ug/L;

Equipment calibration r value > 0.999;

No pre-digestion processing, automatic sample detection, automatic statistical analysis, data automatic upload;

Independent calibration, AI intelligent correction, bar code scanning, automatic generation of curves, quality control chart;

On-demand test function.

2.Technical Parameters

• Detection range: urine iodine: 50-1200 μg/L;

• Correlation coefficient: equipment calibration correlation coefficient (r) should be between 0.999 and 1.000;

• Linear range: within the range of (50 ~ 1200)μg/L, the linear correlation coefficient r≥0.990, the absolute deviation within the range of (50 ~ 100)μg/L is not greater than 15μg/L; The relative deviation is not greater than ±10% in the range of (100 ~ 1200)μg/L;

• Sensitivity: the minimum response value ≤50ug/L iodine content;

• Repeatability: Repeat the test with quality control (148 g/L) for 10 times, and the coefficient of variation (CV) is not greater than 6%;

• Batch difference: for reagents in different batches, test 10 times with quality control (148 g/L), coefficient of variation (CV) ≤5%;

• Fully automatic: users only need to add samples to be tested, and the whole analysis process is automatically completed by the instrument;

• Accuracy: When measuring the national urine iodine standard substance, the error of the measurement value is within its uncertainty range;

• Convenience: support for emergency insertion;

• Safety: Electrical safety meets the applicable requirements of GB4793.1;

• Maximum sample size: the software can set the maximum sample size flexibly;

• Electromagnetic compatibility: shall comply with the requirements of GB/T18268.1-2010 and GB/T18268.26-2010.

3.General Parameters