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Water iodine test kit

Applicable to the monitoring of water use indicators in various regions by the disease control system

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1. Performance Features

     It is basically consistent with the national standard method, but has been greatly improved in terms of digestion. The formula has been modified so that the substances in the water can be fully digested, and the online cold digestion is achieved. The entire inspection process is closed, which reduces the damages to the inspection personnel and the environmental pollution into the inspection (test) room.

2.Technical Parameters

·Correlation coefficient: R between 0.9990-1

·Linear range: In the range of (0.5-100) μg/L, linear correlation coefficient r≥0.999; 

. Minimum detection value: The minimum detection value of the water iodine kit should be 0.5µg / L

·Repeatability: Coefficient of variation (CV) ≤ 6% 

·Batch-to-batch variation: Coefficient of variation (CV) ≤ 5% through different batches of products

·Accuracy: Measured value within the allowable range in determining national iodine standard substance

3.General Parameters