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Automatic Iodine Detector DAT30S (hosp)(health checkup centers & hospital departments)

For clinical laboratory of large and medium-sized municipal hospitals,use of 5-point calibration to test 30 sample sites

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1. Performance Features

Automatic: Automatic sample testing, automatic statistical analysis, and automatic data upload, with no need for pre-digestion treatment;

Smart: Independent calibration, AI smart correction, barcode scanning, and automatic generation of curve graphs and quality control charts;

Convenient: Emergency insertion and testing on-demand;

Detection Range: For urine iodine detection;

Applicable: Applicability in  hospitals, Health examinations,  disease control ,Colleges and Universities, and various related testing institutions.

2.Technical Parameters

.Testing range: Urine iodine: 20-1500µg / L;

·Linearity: Linear correlation coefficient over 0.999;

·Sensitivity: Minimum response value ≤ 20 ug/L of iodine content;

·Repeatability: Relative standard deviation (RSD) ≤ 6%;

·Batch-to-batch variation: Variation between batches (Sb) ≤ 5% through 10 repeated tests on the iodine standard solutions from different batches of products;

·Full automation: Automatic completion of the whole analysis process once adding the sample to be tested;

·Accuracy: Measured value within the allowable range in determining national iodine standard substance;

·Safety: Meeting GB4793.1 safety requirements for electrical equipment;

· Maximum testing samples: Software can flexibly set the maximum number of testing samples;

·Electromagnetic Compatibility: Meets the requirements of GB / T18268.1-2010 and GB / T18268.26-20.

3.General Parameters