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Blood Iodine test to seize the market opportunity

Publisher: Time:2023/11/06 12:02:1 Pageviews:234

Urine iodine detection is a widely used method to detect iodine nutrient level, but it has certain limitations because it is easily affected by the amount of food and water consumed every day.

Studies have shown that the iodine bound to protein in serum is relatively constant, and the serum as a sample can indirectly reflect the level of thyroid hormone and the function of thyroid gland to a certain extent, and the serum iodine is a recent indicator, which can accurately reflect the real situation of the recent iodine content in the human body.

Based on the accuracy of blood iodine detection, it can provide a more accurate way for human iodine detection. Changsha Slik-road Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has developed and produced a device that can be used to detect blood iodine, which improves the accuracy of iodine nutritional level detection and is not easily affected by the external environment and diet and water.

The blood iodine detector adopts a fully intelligent operating system to complete the iodine detection with one click, and is equipped with an AI intelligent optimization system to automatically correct various deviations caused by the experimental environment during the detection process.

It is suitable for all kinds of iodine detection application scenarios, such as the auxiliary treatment of thyroid function in the nail and milk department of the hospital, the detection of iodine nutrition level of pregnant women in the obstetrics and gynecology department, and the departments of pediatrics, laboratory and physical examination. CDC key population iodine deficiency disease prevention and treatment and a series of scenarios.