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"Iodine" brightens Yunnan, intelligently measure iodine!

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    From November 24 to 27, 2021,  Yunnan Provincial Institute for Endemic Disease Prevention and Control held the "2021 Yunnan Provincial Endemic Disease Prevention and Control Technology Training Course" in Dali. More than 70 people in charge of endemic disease prevention and control and professional technicians from 16 prefectures (cities) of the province, as well as iodine deficiency disease laboratory testers in 27 key counties, participated in this training.

    Why are the iodine deficiency disease laboratory testers required to conduct this training?

    Iodine, the second essential trace element discovered by man, is the main component of thyroxine. The situation of iodine deficiency in the world is serious: iodine deficiency diseases (IDD) are considered to be endemic worldwide and pose a serious threat to the health of one fifth of the world's population. Countries around the world have varying degrees of prevalence. 300 million people in India are at risk of the disease, and about 60 million are endemic. The prevalence of endemic endemic disease is 56% in Pakistan and Nepal, 49% in Indonesia, and also endemic in Peninsular Malaysia.


     China is generally in an over-sufficient supply of iodine, but due to its vast geographic area, both iodine deficiency and iodine excess coexist. Because our foreign environment is generally in a state of iodine deficiency, except for Shanghai, 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have been prevalent in iodine deficiency disorders to varying degrees. Water-borne high iodine disease areas and regions are distributed in 115 counties (cities, districts) in 9 provinces (regions, cities), and the threatened population is about 30 million.


    The goal of our country's iodine deficiency disease prevention and treatment: continue to eliminate the harm of iodine deficiency. More than 90% of the counties (cities, districts) in the 4 provinces (regions) of Hainan, Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang have reached the goal of eliminating iodine deficiency disorders, and more than 95% of the counties (cities, districts) of other provinces (regions, cities) have maintained the elimination of iodine deficiency. Disease state. Effectively prevent new cases of endemic cretinism. The overall iodine nutrition level of the population maintains an appropriate state.


    How to ensure that the population's iodine nutrition level is maintained in an appropriate state?

     To ensure that the population's iodine nutrition is appropriate, it can be achieved by testing urine iodine, which is the best indicator to evaluate the human iodine nutritional status. The kidney is the main organ for the excretion of iodine. 80-85% of the iodine in the human body is excreted in urine, and the remaining 10-15% is excreted in feces and sweat (milk). Under relatively stable conditions, the iodine excreted by the human body is equivalent to the iodine intake.

    At the invitation of this training course, the iodine element automatic detection instrument manufacturer Silk-Road attended this training course. Our engineer explained the operation steps of dat-50SG iodine automatic detector and urine iodine detection kit of our company, and demonstrated the simple operation, rapid detection and accuracy of results of our products.

    The detection principle of Silk-Road's iodine detection is based on the national standard method, using a new combination formula, for urine and other organic matter to complete cold digestion, through REDOX reaction. The on-line automatic detection of iodine element is realized.


    Silk-Road Automatic Iodine Detector DAT50S (CDC) exclusively uses 8-point calibration, which improves the detection accuracy by 23%; it is the first to calibrate first, then test samples, reducing the problem of overall rework due to calibration; calibration samples have intelligent AI error correction Function to correct human errors and reduce the work pressure of operators; no need to manually digest and process, one-key automatic detection, and automatically upload data, automatically analyze data, and statistical results as required; fully enclosed detection, reduce laboratory environmental pollution; excellent quality, more Patented technology protection, EU CE certification, worry-free after-sales.

     "Iodine" brightens Yunnan, intelligently measure iodine! During this training period, the Yunnan Provincial Institute for Endemic Disease Prevention and Treatment selected representatives from Chu xiong Prefecture, Dali City, and Zhen xiong County who had a heavy task of treating endemic patients and carried out serious work to exchange work experience. In addition, the laboratory testing personnel of the Endemic Disease Department Iodine Deficiency Laboratory conducted internship operations, and communicated with provincial laboratory teachers on the problems encountered in the experiment in order to achieve training to improve the professional and technical level of endemic disease prevention and control personnel at all levels.